Restaurant Risk & Crisis Management

Crisis Management | Risk Management

Caiola & Rose counsels restaurant clients on proactive food safety practices and procedures and assists restaurants who have encountered food contamination, product recalls and foodborne illness outbreaks.  The firm aims to assist clients in avoiding these risks, but also assists clients in recovering from food safety crises when they happen.

Crisis Management

Caiola & Rose has spearheaded crisis management for restaurants across the country when faced with issues such as foodborne illness outbreaks, product recalls and public relations management.

  • Lead coordinating counsel for national franchisor following multi-state foodborne illness outbreak.
  • Developed and led franchisee recovery plan on behalf of franchisor following multi-state foodborne illness outbreak.
  • Lead counsel in developing strategies for handling contaminated food product and communicating with CDC and state departments of health.
  • Coordinating counsel in defending multi-district personal injury litigation stemming from foodborne illnesses.
  • Coordinating counsel on tendering insurance claims and maximizing insurance coverage through additional insured status, subrogation rights and indemnification.
  • Developed strategy for defending insurance rescission claim following foodborne illness outbreak.
  • Lead counsel in negotiating and executing recovery efforts and settlement package for multistate franchisees following foodborne illness outbreak.

Risk Management

Caiola & Rose assists clients in minimizing risks that restaurants and franchisors frequently face related to operations, food safety, and supply chain.  Such assistance includes:

  • Development of risk management plans.
  • Negotiation and preparation of supply chain contracts including master service agreements and related documents for franchisors.
  • Negotiation and preparation of confidentiality agreements, indemnification agreements, and related protective documents.